Counseling for the Asheville, NC Area

What’s the one most important consideration that will determine how helpful your counseling is for you?

Whether you’re looking for marriage counseling, having struggles with parenting your adolescent, or facing one of those unexpected challenges of life that seems to come out of nowhere… counseling involves dealing with personal and sensitive issues.

So, it’s truly important that you feel safe, at ease, and comfortable with your counselor… especially if you find it difficult to ask for help or feel awkward talking about personal topics.

Research reviewing 20 years of studies have shown the single most important factor that determines how much benefit you’ll get out of your counseling is the overall quality of your relationship with your counselor.

Clearly, counseling is not a “one size fits all” kind of arrangement. And a good fit is pretty important.

Here in Asheville, NC we’re fortunate to have many skilled therapists and counselors. I encourage you to meet with a few until you find a therapist who feels like a good match to assist you with your individual and particular challenges.

That’s why at Bullock Counseling I offer a no cost initial consultation in my Asheville office – (or by phone if necessary). This gives you a time to get a feel for me and my style in counseling, before you need to make any commitment or have any costs.

After you have a chance to look over the counseling services I offer, if you’d like to meet with me to see if we’re a ‘good fit’, give me a call and we’ll get you scheduled for your initial free consultation. I’m usually able to see you within the next 2 business days, provided you have some flexibility in your schedule.

I look forward to hearing from you – Geoffrey

(828) 686-9601
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