Parent Support

It is often said that parenting is the hardest job in the world…

MA…and for many parents that proves to be true. For most parents their children are the source of both their greatest joys and greatest frustrations. Parenting has never been easy, but in recent years parents are facing a ‘new world’ while raising their children. Never before have children had so much immediate access to the world outside their family. Along with this, the support systems that had traditionally been there to help support parents (extended family, neighborhoods, close friends) have become less available for most people.

More than ever, parents are on their own to do their best by using what they know from their own parents and a trial and error approach to raising their children. Added to this is the fact that parents in the 21st century face considerations and decisions that were simply unknown as little as ten or fifteen years ago (texting, internet, video games).

So it’s no surprise that parents often find themselves making parenting decisions “on the fly” and then hoping they made good choices.

Fortunately, basic guiding principles for effective parenting haven’t changed, although the specific issues needing to be addressed and managed have. They can be learned in order to reduce tension in the family and increase your effectiveness as a parent. I began working with parents and children at the start of my career in 1974 and since then I have known several hundreds of families.

In my counseling, I am a strong advocate of proactive parenting. I will help you to plan ahead and be prepared to respond to your children in a deliberate and strategic way. This will help you to be more confident in your choices and more effective with day to day behavior management, while also building a solid foundation for your child’s ongoing mental health and preparation for adulthood.

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Parent Counseling and Consultations

Sometimes it is most beneficial to meet with only the parents, even when they’re having behavioral difficulties with their children. I offer two different services for parents. Please see the descriptions below for more complete information on each service. For information on counseling directly with children or families, please review the Child and Family page.

Parent Counseling

This is the most common approach when working with parents only. It’s probably the best choice if you are currently having significant difficulties with your children or your role as a parent is causing you distress. It is also a good option when the adults in the family are having disagreements about how best to deal with the children.

In “parent counseling” the adults are the primary clients and our work together will likely include exploring how Learn More

your own beliefs, reactions, and emotions may be influencing what you do as a parent. Of course, parent counseling may occasionally lead into child and/or family counseling.

Parent Consultation

This is a less intensive process and does not involve formal counseling. Parent consultation is appropriate when parents are seeking to increase Learn More

their understanding of effective parenting, child development, or family dynamics in order to be more effective and to prevent potential future problems.

When using parent consultation there usually are no major current problems. With parent consultations the emphasis is on education, guidance, planning, and support. Parent consultations may be done in individual sessions or small groups.

The approach we use will largely depend on your goals for our work together along with consideration of the severity, depth, and urgency of the issues of concern to you.

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