Individual Counseling

More people than ever are making use of counseling…

Most folks usually seek out a counselor when they are hurting or some part of their life is in crisis. But more and more people are also using counselors to improve their overall quality of life.

counseling-sessionAs daily life has become more complex and demanding in recent times, many people find it valuable to use the skills and guidance of a professional counselor to help them clarify their priorities and decisions.

Meeting for a one-on-one session is the most common type of counseling or therapy. Individual counseling provides you a relationship unlike any other, because the whole relationship is 100% dedicated to you and the sole purpose is to address the concerns of that are important to you. Individual counseling can also be a useful starting point, even if your main concern involves a relationship or family members; especially if the other parties are not yet open to participating.

What will your counseling look like?

The approach we’ll use in your counseling will depend on your strengths, your personality style, and the ways you organize and understand ideas. We’ll also need to consider your goals for counseling and the urgency of the issues you want to address.

Adjusting our counseling style to the best fit for you helps to get the most benefit for your time and expense; and I’ll welcome you letting me know what is helpful and what is not.

I have studied many methods of therapy in the 40 years I’ve been a counselor and have become a certified practitioner of a few. I do not limit myself to any one style, but rather have adopted concepts and techniques that I find most effective from a variety of counseling methods.

We’ll usually discuss how this in the second or third session, to be sure we’re agreed on the best path forward to target your primary concerns and desired changes.

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